Abu Yassine, 40 years

HOS: Abu Yassine invited us for a cup of tea.
He boiled 2 liters of water in less than 10 minutes on a cloudy day.

He told us: “I cut and installed these mirrors on the satellite dish myself to focus the sun’s rays and use them to heat up my food and tea kettle. I can boil water in less than ten minutes and we’re still in the last days of winter. I expect it to be much faster when the summer comes!”
Abu Yassine, in his late 40s.

He has been living under siege for the past two years, with no cooking fuel or electricity.
Everyone here uses wood stoves, but Abu Yassine wanted to save money.
This picture was taken on 24/3/2015 – Humans of Syria


Photo by: Ghith Beram