MPC Journal: Graffiti Under Siege

MPC Journal

Omeir, a 20-year-old Syrian artist, has been living under siege in Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus for more than three and a half years. In cooperation with the Human in Syria Initiative, he had the chance to tell his short story:

I am from the city of Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus. As many people living in besieged areas, I try to seek possible alternatives to keep on living. My story started from here.

Based on my passion for art, painting, colours and artistic expression of ideas in a way suits the war we are living, I found my path in Graffiti. It is the only way with which I can express not only my ideas but also the ideas of the people living here.

I loved the concept of working on something different from the idea of the war – and that is to make the face of the city colourful.

I started my project with simple attempts despite the difficulties I faced such as bombardment, shortage of materials and difficulty of movement etc. But passion made me continue on this path.

A friend of mine and myself started the project and we called it “Insan” [lit. human]. The reason for choosing this title was to underline the importance of the concept of human, which has been missing throughout the war.

After all, this is a war in which the human has been regarded as a commodity that can be bought and sold at the cheapest prices.

We worked on several projects, and they were met with great popularity in the artistic community locally and internationally.

Like any other artist under normal circumstances wishes to express his or her ideas as a human, I wish that my voice would reach out people the entire world as an “Insan”.