Doctor Wisam Muhammad

Wisam al-Ruzz, 35, a resident of the besieged eastern Ghouta. A doctor specializing in oncology and blood diseases, serves as the director of Dar Al-Rahma for cancer and blood disease in Ghouta.

Wisam, is very busy and stressed every day, as the only cancer specialist, with the lack of treatment methods for cancer patients. Added to the fact that the regime is preventing cancer patients evacuation from Ghouta to receive appropriate treatment elsewhere.

“Staying in the besieged area and helping with what I have is a moral obligation and duty. I am very happy with what I have done, but I have witnessed the death of a number of my patients and I was very sad, the last of these victims was a little child whom we could not do anything to, because of the conditions of the siege, the first action I will do immediately after lifting the siege of Eastern Ghouta is to provide treatment and supplies that help to save the lives of my patients.”

It is worth mentioning that there is 765 medical cases in Eastern Ghouta now who need medical evacuation and access to safe treatment.