Artworks about Ghouta selected from : Syrilution Creative Arts

© Luca Garonzi


© Ali Ghamir


© Luca Garonzi
Eastern #Ghouta


© Vasco Gargalo
#Ghouta#UN Ceasefire


Today is Wednesday, at noon, please don’t forget to think, just 5 secondes, with a bit of love, about the tragedy of #al_Ghouta and all tragedies that Syrian Children, Syrian people and Syria have seen since nearly 7 years | 5 segundos por semana por Siria | 5 secondes par semaine pour la Syrie | خمس ثوان في الاسبوع من اجل سوريا
___ “Peace, Love & Justice 4 all” ___
© Miguel Morales Madrigal
In wars, children are who suffer the most, leaving permanent marks in minds and souls.No more war in Syria


© Salam Alhassan
#saveghouta #fuckyouall


© Hani Abbas





© Marc Nelson
Sketch. The failure of the international community literally and horridly illustrated in #Ghouta #Syria . This is a global shame. #SaveGhouta @UN @Refugees


© Tareq Mansoor & Mohammed Yasin
Death Routin | روتين الموت

© Mwafaq Katt
Save al #Ghouta


© Hisham H Shamaly
UN helps to Syrian Children

© Chappatte

© Moustafa Jacoub

Eastern Ghouta..melody of death | الغوطة الشرقية..لحن الموت


© Mohammad Omran
#ghouta #syrie #syria #damascus #damas #الغوطة_الشرقية #afrin # عفرين — in Ivry-sur-Seine, France.


© Mahmoud Abbas


© Cartoonist Ahmed Rahma
Civilians of eastern #Ghouta trapped in the basements

مدنيو الغوطة الشرقية المحاصرون في الاقبية


© Charlie Comics
“Syrian regime gains ground in the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta after hysterical shelling and airstrikes.”


© Hasan Bleibel Art
#Ghouta, #Afrin


© Mwafaq Katt
How many times have I told you 10 shells on al Ghouta and one on al Qassaa (christian district of Damascus)
(Made in Russia)


© Mwafaq Katt
Save al #Ghouta, Save Me | Russia


© Moshe Gilula


© Hasan Bleibel Art


© Pedro X. Molina

© Arcadio Esquivel

© Arcadio Esquivel


© Ali Suliman Ali Sultan
From al #Ghouta to #Afrin, #Syria perish
من الغوطة في دمشق الى عفرين.سوريا تباد


© Wadhah Mahdi


© Hani Abbas