Artworks about Ghouta selected from : Syrilution Creative Arts

© Hussam Sarah


© Moustafa Jacoub
Revolution Birthday Cake | كعكة عيد ميلاد الثورة
Seven years |سبع سنوات


© Taher Saoud


© Bilal Musa Cartoon
Peace mirage in al #Ghouta


© Ramzi Diab
Stop the Wars – Stop killing Children !


© Marc Nelson
Sketch. #Assad signs his destruction with his hubris. Children of #Ghouta who are fleeing the home and life #Assad destroyed, are forced to hold the poster of their oppressor, the man doing his best to murder them. This is the definition of evil. #SaveGhouta


© Hakam Al Waheb
‪Musician Of Death
⁦‪#SaveGhouta‬⁩ ⁦‪‬⁩ ⁧‫#أنقذوا_الغوطة‬⁩


© Hasan Bleibel Art


© Mahmoud Abbas
Syrian Blood


© Emad Hajjaj (Abu mahjoob)
Syria | Destruction and Displacement


© Suhair Sibai
Child from Syria!


© Cartoonist Ahmad Rahma
Displaced children of al – #Ghouta   أطفال الغوطة المهجرون

© Hasan Bleibel Art


© Cartoonist Ahmad Rahma
Displacement (Syria)


© Moustafa Jacoub
the Holy Alliance against the children of #Douma
chemical massacre in #Douma
التحالف المقدس ضد أطفال دوما
مجزرة كيماوية في دوما


© Hakam Al Waheb
Note, it’s just another chemical attack.


© Mahmoud Salameh
Chemical attack for the thousandth time, silence and red lines, we will not count …
كيماوي للمرة الألف، صمت و خطوط حمراء، لن نحصي..


© Marc Nelson
Sketch. NOW! #GasAttack #Douma #Ghouta #DoumaSuffocating . Civilians foaming and dying!!!


© Bilal Musa Cartoon
American Red Lines | الخطوط الحمراء الأمريكية
Douma is suffocating | دوما تختنق

© Vasco Gargalo
Intestinal Gas | Gazes Intestinais


© Emad Hajjaj (Abu mahjoob)
The massacre of #Douma


© Rashad Alsamei
Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons in the war against his people

© Rahma Ahmad
The global deficit of the massacres of al-Ghouta
Prostituted world |عالم عاهر


© Christian Durando
Syria, dozens of dead for suspected chemical attack on Douma: rescued and washed children.
#DoumaGasMassacre #Syria #AssadHitsDoumawithChemicals


© Delawer Omar
How many times they should die to wake up the world ?? #syria #douma #efrin


© Rahma Ahmad


© Bilal Musa Cartoon


© Joep Bertrams
#Assad #Putin #DoumaGasMassacre


© Manar Qanah