Artworks about Ghouta selected from : Syrilution Creative Arts

© Diala Brisly
yea, I’m carrying my blood, my breathe, my life, in my hand, my dreams, my memories, in my hands, my shattered emotions, in my hands.
My sin? what is my sin? it doesn’t matter, I’m getting my punishment anyway


© Ali Jamshidifar


© Razan Sabbagh


© Hisham H Shamaly
Grozny massacre in 1994 and #al_Ghouta massacre in2018
Genocide Reproduction | استنساخ مجازر الابادة


© Moustafa Jacoub




© Hani Abbas


© Hani abbas cartoon


© Mahmoud Salameh
“there is still a piece”


© Hussam Sarah
“Eastern #Ghouta


© Vasco Gargalo


© Bilal Musa Cartoon


© Marc Nelson
Sketch. My friend @firasabdullah_ sits in the ruins of his home in #Ghouta #Syria . His beloved city is being destroyed, his people murdered by #Assad #Putin. This brave man, like so many beautiful souls in Syria says “I Will Stay”. Let us all be their voice.
graphite, charcoal, digital color


© Bilal Musa Cartoon
Idlib | al Ghouta


© Paolo Lombardi


© Diala Brisly
I’m trying recently to not draw much about the war, it’s exhausting and if this horrible reality couldn’t change, how art can.
I was just very provoked by the light that is coming from the mobiles in a photo from Ghouta, they could be in a concert, but the crowd here is searching for life


© Mary Zins
Nowhere To Go
The Assad regime traps 400,000 civilians in east #Ghouta, as the world continues to look away.


© Mahmoud Salameh

© Hussam Al Saadi
حسام السعدي Syrian Cartoonist


© Stephff
Bashar Al-Assad the butcher of Damascus


© Emad Hajjaj (Abu mahjoob)


© Hasan Bleibel Art


© Christian Durando
Syria: New raids on Ghouta, at least 10 dead. UN: ‘Situation beyond imagination’ #Syria #Ghouta


© Waleed Nezamy

Only this time, #al_Gouta | هذه المرة فقط . الغوطة


© Anas Salameh
stop | بكفي


© Dima Al Malakeh
Ghouta / غوطة
Shed away all your leaves of despair and sadness and replace them with leaves of hope and strength
Your precious wounds would heal our rotten souls and revive hope in humanity again…


© Yaser Ahmad


© Mwafaq Katt
Talk of the Russain Delegate about al #Ghouta @ the United Nations


© Hala Al-abed
Ceasefire in Syriia | al Ghouta


© Hussam Sarah