Stop the massacres of Ghouta

Testimony from a doctor in #EasternGhouta:

“The injuries are coming in whole families. A mother with her three children. Four pregnant women in their late months.

The Directorate of Health is asking people to hide, just to ease pressure on medical teams, ambulance and Civil Defense organizations. 

Patients come back after two days of treatment, for new injuries.

The word “disastrous” isn’t enough to describe the situation here. Even the word “extermination” is not enough to tell the story. For patients there’s nowhere to go after treatments, as they came to us from under the rubble.

Why children and women are getting killed? Why around half a million are starved? They are all civilians; armed groups barely shape a fraction of the population.

Why children are starved to death? Burned in the 21st century with the whole world watching?

What did #EasternGhouta do to the whole world to keep quite witnessing all these massacres?

Why do children get buried under rubble in their own homeland?

What does the world want us to do?

Stop the massacres of #Ghouta. Take a stance for your humanity

This is not my message.

This is the message of every child and woman in Eastern Ghouta who just dreamt that someday they’d have a share in their homeland.” #SaveGhouta

Photo credit: Badra Mohammed/epa, 19 February 2018, Douma in Eastern Ghouta.