Ghouta Team

When we want to have a meeting for the Ghoutapage team:

Refugees and besieged, we want our content to be approved and prepared by all of us.

We want a time, that those who are inside #EasternGhouta would be able to have electricity and internet and a few minutes of peace from bombardment.

They send their voice recording, we hear it together try to act like we don’t recognize the heavy shelling in the background. A few moments of silence, someone try to break it with a joke we wish that would make them smile.

Some of us write things on the Facebook Messenger group just to see their little circles showing that they read what we wrote which means they are safe, but minutes later we regret that relief because that means they have left the shelter and they are not safe.

We fear for their safety, in the same time knowing that it is a luxury to fall apart. We will keep trying our best, to #SaveGhouta and break the siege.

Caring can reach far beyond armed checkpoints and airstrikes.