Ghouta Mornings

#Ghouta mornings as described by our colleagues:


I just emerged from the basement, which reeks horribly and unbearably of sewage. My grandson is crying non-stop because he is hungry. There has been no food for any of us for 2 days.
Some people in other basements further away were given some food, but we are near a health clinic, so the bombing is hysterical and continuous.


The feeling when the bombs fall is terrifying; the whole of the earth shakes + we have no time to hold on to anything.
There is no flour; no bread;
there is dirt, cold, hunger, fear.
My son Anas was dug out from under the rubble of another building that was bombed, where he and his father were.
Impossible to sit anywhere or take a bath.
The filth is horrible.
Painting by Randa Maddah


There is no water in the basement. We managed to fill a few containers just to survive the non-stop bombing, which destroyed the sewage pipes.
Sewer water has flooded our shelter. The smell is unbearable.
To get rid of the flooding, we need the suction system to work. But there is no electricity.
The children are ill from the poisonous air they are breathing in.
None of us have money to buy anything. The men are all unemployed and exhausted.
The greatest hero is the man who can manage – against all odds – to bake some bread from fodder.
We’ve run out of water again. No one can go out to fill the canisters, because the bombing is relentless.
#saveghoutaPainting by Randa Maddah