Our half-year anniversary

Written by Hassan Tabajo from Eastern #Ghouta.

Today I mark 6 months since my engagement; two weeks ago I was planning to make this day special, to celebrate it with my other half…

An entire week of merciless death which we lived without actually tasting; when I would sneak with my phone to the street counting the minutes before returning to my shelter, the top priority would be my love “Ruba” who is located outside the fences of #Syria, to send her a heart and she would send me ten like it ..

The celebration of our half-year anniversary is going to be a celebration of my being born again, that God did not disappoint your prayers nor hopes, that the conviction I possess has not been disappointed, that love shall remain above the sound of bullets and the roar of planes, a few hours as we were awaiting our fate to see if I would send her a morning message or not..

I would thank you because you gave me hope I almost lost..
I would thank you because you have been a support for my body which is collapsing into the pit of horrors, you were a soul hovering around me when I would close my eyes in fear of iron striking the earth…

The letters and meanings have melted and of my comprehension, there is no horizon or intent to ponder, but I am aware that God has granted me your love so you can be for me support and strength and inspiration 

Photo credit: Abd Doumany on April 23, 2013.