Your support is worth something

By Nivin Hotary from #EasternGhouta.

There is an important thing that the people outside #Ghouta don’t know. We are trying and turning around the problems, searching for solutions.. maybe we could in anyway make the problems we have easier. But none of us can find a complete solution for all this destruction we are living in. The solution is in the hand of the big countries, and it is obvious that they don’t want to solve it now.

On the other hand, everyone of you, meaning those who are out of Ghouta and trying things to help. Everyone of you, can do something even if it is very little, like helping by posting few words of solidarity on Facebook. When I’m very desperate, I open Facebook to find my big-hearted friends thinking, and trying to find some ways to help us, this would give me a lot of comfort and I would say: “soon all this will come to an end”.

Let me explain more. Imagine someone who fell in a well, and no one can help him unless a group of people bring a massive winch and worked collectively. Imagine this person’s situation in the well when people are telling him: we hear you, and “soon all this will come to an end”. Then imagine if no one is speaking to him. This is what the people with heart are doing, they are virtually interacting with the people of Ghouta and maybe they are doing more, like sending some words to help them survive.

What I want to say, is when the man in the well receives those message of solidarity, it would be of great value and it would help him a lot to resist.

From time to time, I need to say thank you, and emphasize that this world has many good people. And those who left their countries won’t forget it.

There is a hope in this beautiful Syria.. Our Syria which we belong to.

Photo credit: Sameer Al-Doumy/AFP (February 29, 2016. Douma, Eastern Ghouta)