United Nations aid agencies announced that the first aid delivery to enter besieged #EasternGhouta today.

After years of dealing with the rejection of Syrian authorities, some may ask why the “neutral” UN agencies are depending on the Syrian authorities approval? How does the UN expect those who block the food to allow it? But this is not our topic today.

The convoy should have carried medicine, food and other crucial relief supplies. However, all trauma kits, surgical, dialysis sessions and insulin were rejected and removed from the convey by Syrian regime officials.

Due to heavy shelling on #Ghouta, even after the so-called ceasefire, the people are forced to live in shelters that lack access to basic needs, let aside electricity and internet. The people of Ghouta won’t be able to call the UN and question them themselves.

But we are sure that they have sisters and brothers around the globe who will do that for them.

We are asking you today you to call, email and skype:

– Ali Al-Zatari, United Nations Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator. Mob.: +963 958 880 123, email: ali.alzatari@one.un.org

– Cynthia Viveros-Cano, Humanitarian Affairs Officer. Mob.: +963 958 880 066, email: viveros-cano@un.org, Skype: viveros-cano

– Samir Elhawary, Deputy Head of UNOCHA Office. Mob.: +963 958 880 096, email: elhawary@un.org, Skype: selhawary

– UN Damascus office: Tel: +963 11 6129811

Say that you are calling on behalf of the besieged people in Eastern Ghouta and ask them the following questions:

– How many of the population will they be able to support in this “one time” aid convoy?

– If their presence inside Ghouta ensure less bombardment on civilians, then why don’t they stay in?

– Why there is no medicine and medical equipment? And what they are going to do about it?

– When is their next convoy will be? Before or after someone dies from hunger or lack of medication?

– There are more than 1000 urgent medical cases that needs evacuation, are they going to take them out to be treated safely?

They might think that the besieged have no power, that no one is watching, and that after 5 years no one cares any more.

We will prove them wrong.

Call them. Record the call and share it.

Adopt their voices.