“We should have saved their smiles”

These are the smiles of children killed in the past two months by Russian and Assad Regime in #EasternGhouta.

Looking at their smiles might make you feel devastated, angry and sad, and we should be. But we also need to turn our anger and pain into actions, and so today, we asking you again to Act for #Ghouta, please:

1_ Print these smiles and hang them in a University, School, Community Center, Metro Station, Park, or any other public place.

2_ Organize a candlelight vigil for those children.

3_ Send the album to a newspaper and ask them to print the pictures on in the newspaper.

4_ If you have another idea, please write it in the comments section.

Smiles photos:

Hala al-Madani

Raihana and Fadi Sheikh Ibrahim
Islam Al-Tukla
Malek Rashed
Raghad al-Haj Ahmad
Omar Mahjoob
Zaid Shmoo
Sedra, Samer, Ahmad, Gana
Masan and her father Tarek Hamdo
Marwan Abeid
 Mahfouz Fadi Jo’ana
Hamzah and Adnan al-Sliek
Layan and Rudayna Dalwan
Afnan Eassa
Bashar and Saria Abd Rabbo
Fadi Shiekh Ibrahim
Aisha Kabreteh
Abdullah and Obadah
Mohamad Mahjoob