Save Them

Today, Thursday 15th of March, 2018, the Syrian regime troops under Russian supervision have opened a cross point for the civilians of the Central Area in Eastern #Ghouta.

The cross point is located near Al-Ahlam factory on the external parts of #Hamouria town, and it acts as an exit for civilians of Hamouria specially and of the Central Area, generally.

Opening the cross point has been executed with no coordination or agreement between opposition troops and the Syrian regime and with no interventions by the local negotiation committees.

The cross point was first prepared, and the Russian and Syrian regime troops were spread over. Then news has been published in the towns and cities of the Central Area to inform those who would like to exit that they can walk towards the cross point.

The supposed destination for civilians crossing is Duwair, and Adra camps, as well as other camps in Qudsaia, and Harjaleh in the area of #Damascus suburb. These camps resemble collective detention centers, and worry is spread amongst those exiting as they may face revenge, arrest, or killing.

It’s worthy to note that there are no international or humanitarian guarantees for this process. The Syrian Red Crescent, International Committee of the Red Cross, and the الأمم المتحدة are not involved in the process and are not accompanying people.

There are claims by a chief of the UN envoy that has entered Douma today that they were prevented from going to the Central Area by the regime troops.


Design by the artist Tamer Turkmane