“We may not forget”

So “we may not forget”:

Were they playing hide and seek? Were they reading a bedtime story so they may feel a bit of fake safety? Did they cover their ears with their hands, or hummed a rhyme? Did their mothers lie to them telling them that nothing can happen to them down here in this colorful underground school?

We don’t know what really happened before the Russian missile broke holes through four floors, each ceiling at least 20 cm thick of cement, and exploded in the basement, killing 16 children and four women in Erbin in eastern #Ghouta yesterday.

We ask artists around the world to join us in honoring the memory of these 20 victims. So Art can be a just witness to the crimes, a shout against brutality and a preservation of innocent memories.

Please help us, spread their story and preserve their last moments alive in Art. Share, send and tag your artist friends

The Victims Names:
Mohammed Hashash

Rimas Hashash
Raghad Yassin
Roaa Yassin
Nisreen Al Attar
Doaa Abass
Sedra Al sheikh Kuaider
Salam Abd Alhadi
Lilas Alsakrak
Salam Alsakrak
Safa Alsaied Ismail
Tasneem Al sheikh Kuaider
Noor Samer Al Saeid Hassan
Yasmeen Samer Al Saeid Hassan
Reem Ali Mousa
Hala Orabi
Salam Abdulhadi

Zaineb Al Taweel
Batool al Baghdadi
Hadia Orabi
Nawal Abdulhadi

We should’ve saved their smile