Artwork from Eastern Ghouta: Ammar Bwidany



To those who are forced to leave, and keep refreshing their messages to check upon the people they love

Happy #ValentinesDay



The elephant missile!
( Fil, in Arabic) is a ground-ground missile made by Syrian regime and used against civilians in Eastern #Ghouta

It is called the Elephant missile because when it is launched it makes a strong and scary noise that sounds like the elephants voice

This is what our kids witness daily, save Ghouta kids



According to the Syrian Network For Human Rights, 123 civilian had killed by Assad and Russian airstrikes in #Ghouta between the 6th and the 8th of February, 2018.
31 of them are kids.

Please, keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers and light a candle for them.


Numbers and numbers of people have been killed, majority of them kids, and more and more medical facilities have been targeted. Yet everyone keeps asking how many were killed today? How many of them were children? But the real question is HOW MANY WOULD BE ENOUGH?




While people of #Ghouta were hoping for medical convoys and aid deliveries following the #UN resolution, the Assad regime has instead launched a military invasion against the besieged areas.

We demand immediate humanitarian access to Ghouta and a stop to all kinds of violence against civilians.




Syrian American Medical Society- SAMS documented 198 chemical attacks in #Syria since 2012, including 9 attacks since the beginning of 2018, 6 of which were against #EasterGhouta.

Is this Syria’s new normality?



Suffocating Childhood in Eastern #Ghouta




Two young couple got engaged almost a year ago, and they tried to feel love and overcome their circumstances, they finally were able to set a date for their wedding in which their dreams would come true.

Muhammad, calculated and planned almost everything but it did not occur to him that his loved one will get killed by a regime’s airstrike, Leaving him alone with his plans and dreams.

This conversation between the two of them went down on the same day she passed away

Ellaf and Muhammad, we should have saved your love




The only thing that keeps us going, and help us survive everything that is happening around us, is hope.




Faten, Um Samih the brave woman who everyone in Eastern Ghouta know her food even in the darkest days of siege and bombardment. After She has been forcibly displaced from Harasta towards the North, She without hesitation came back to reopen her kitchen to prepare food for those who were forcibly displaced.
Faten, is doing her early cooks now in Al Atareb town

Um Samih said:
The homeland is not a geographical territory. It is the people who have left with us, those who will stay by our side, and who we shall stay by theirs.

All love and respect for her and for the volunteers with her inمؤسسة يد واحدة



A letter of admiration meant to the doctors of #Ghouta sent by their colleagues out of Ghouta, these doctors who tried to fulfill their humanitarian rule in the area and fought against all odds to save lives as much as they possibly could

“If the level of brutality has brought humanity close to collapse, you are the reason why a piece of it is still alive”