Syrian Mother’s Day

We kept throwing the task on each other today, Who is going to write anything on the page today?

All the team is burnt out, exhausted and trying to find some energy to explain.

Today is Mother’s day in #Syria, Our team members we have some who lost their mothers in this war, some whom their mothers lost sons killed by bombardment or by torture 
Some his mother lost a grandson.

Some doesn’t even know if they would ever be able to meet their mothers again.

We weren’t able to write anything that explains how we’re all feeling what this day means for all of us and for all of our moms.

So here we stand painfully helpless, speechless, and powerless hoping that until next year’s mother day we’ll be in better circumstances where we’ll talk about the inspiring stories of eastern #Ghouta‘s moms

By أبو النور السوري abonnour alsori