A Statement by Local Council of Harasta

After thousands of air raids, missiles, the destruction of 90% of the city of Harasta and the fall of dozens of martyrs.
After the siege of the city by the gangs of the regime backed by its Russian ally who came with the full military arsenal.

After all this criminality and the impossibility of treating the injured and getting the basements and shelters out from service because of targeting them with rockets.

After suffering for four months from 20,000 civilians trapped in the basements and shelters in the middle of the diseases, lack of food and lack of services.

After the conspiracy of the entire world and their silence on the crimes of the regime and its Russian ally, who did not leave any internationally prohibited weapon and used against civilians.

After all that it was a very difficult decision to reach the agreement of departing the fighters in addition to the civilians who want to leave from the people and rebels of the city of #Harasta towards the north of #Syria.

Today is the end of a tour but the battle is not over. We will leave our land today to preserve the lives of our people and we put our trust with Allah the Almighty to come back to our roots one day after the liberation our country from the dictator.

Tuesday, 21 March 2018
22:30 pm