Wanted List

A few days ago, a List of names has been leaked. The names of Syrians who are wanted by the Assad Security branches. The List contained one million and a half name in it, Syrians from all Ages, eternities, religions, and gender are threatened by detention.

Syrians dealt with the list in many different ways, some felt the sadness of belonging to a country where the best of its youth are on the most wanted list. Some felt is a chance for sarcasm, where some activists felt offended when they didn’t find their names on the list.

Some of our friends are wanted by the cruelest branches “Air Force Intelligence” and some of the women are wanted by “Military Intelligence”. Some of our friends are wanted with members of their family to pressure them into surrendering themselves.

With each name there is the action should be subjected to, detention, Travel Ban or ” a visit for authorities” or what we Syrians call an invitation for “a cup of coffee”.

This may partly and directly answer why some civilians in Eastern #Ghouta consider moving through corridors to the regime areas to be another death sentence.

Where the regime will arbitrarily detain all activists, journalists and humanitarian workers, where thousands have already been disappeared without a trace and thousands have died under torture.

Blessed those who said no, save them