(( the smile of Kholoud Mother ))

While Kholoud Srieh was scrolling through her phone, she saw her mother in one of the pictures coming from Eastern #Ghouta, she was just there in the picture, killed on the street while bringing yogurt to kholoud brother.

Kholoud recognized the photo, and this is how she knew her mother was killed.

Kholoud’s son never had the chance to see his grandmother 
Although Kholoud is far away from Syria, pain, loss and death followed her new life.

Kholoud wrote “I envy you, sidewalk, I envy you because you had the chance to hug her while I could not smell her pure scent.
My mother, and the light of my eyes, my pain, and my soul
You are beautiful and tender even when you are sleeping on the sidewalk
I wish I were in your place
I want to hug you and sleep,
I will keep waiting to see you.”

Our hearts are with you Kholoud
(( the smile of Kholoud Mother ))