Careers In Ghouta

Artist : Ammar Bwidany

Life is a lot different inside Eastern #Ghouta, for each and every person!


The Farmer:
Lost most of his lands, many times he goes up from the shelter walking under the airstrikes just to water what left and face both danger and lack of equipment.



The Housewife:
Simple tasks, like preparing a meal or a bath for your kid needs hours to bring water and woods. Creating an alternative for your kids’ nutrition in the siege is also a daily obsession.



The Doctor:
The Doctor has to improvise and make impossible medical choices and to work continuously under pressure and lack of medical capacity, to prioritize patients and to reuse a disposable equipment.



The Teacher:
Schools have been suspended because of the latest assault on #Ghouta, but teachers in the basements are still trying to do their jobs by teaching the children who are in the same shelter they are in.



The Fireman:
A Fireman in #EasternGhouta has to make the tough choice daily whether he goes under heavy bombardment to reach a burning building, not knowing if there are people inside it or not, or that this would be a suicidal task.



The Student:
Students, especially high-school students are sitting around in their basement not knowing what’s going to happen to them in the future and what’s going to happen to all the efforts they put during the siege



The Surgeon:
Due to lack of surgeons, every one of them works for continuous long hours (One of them said that he operated more than 17 surgery in one day)



The Barber:
He doesn’t open his shop and wait for people anymore, instead, he backs his tools in a handbag and goes from shelter to shelter.