Forced Displacement of the Elderly

Despite its cruelty, the Forced displacement may bring some hope for a new beginning for besieged youth who were denied access to resources and opportunities.

But its impact is definitely harder on the elderly in the eastern #Ghouta. Those who are forced to leave while they are sure that the rest of their days are not as much as what has passed.

Those who are fond of stories, the house they carefully built, the furniture they chose piece by piece and then had to burn it as well in the siege, their kids and their pictures, their grandchildren, the first time those kids walked or hit their knees.

The neighbors, the cup of coffee they used to drink together in the house, their plants. The graves of their parents and their children and even sometimes their grandchildren, the profession they established and their reputation in their neighborhood.

They move to the unknown, not knowing whether they still have enough energy to a new start.

They are almost certain that their last days will be far from where they lived, and that the soil they love will never embrace their remains.

The photo shows elderlies leave their home by the Forced Displacement buses in #EasternGhouta.