Save Civilians

One of the most dangerous situations that men face when they cross through the corridors to Regime areas or when the Assad Militias invade their neighborhood in Eastern #Ghouta is the risk of forced military conscription.

Imagine being besieged by an army, bombing and killing your family members, denying you food and medicine, and then being forced to serve among its ranks.

From the beginning, Bashar al-Assad works, not to clear his name from being a “murderer” but to increase the number of murderers. To force the victims to turn in their turn into oppressors.

Yesterday’s besieged are forced tomorrow to besiege someone else.
So he keeps feeding the war cycle and diluting the justice concept.

There is no alternative to kill or to be killed, or sometimes both. Where he sends those untrained youth and men into the front lines quickly.

Those who refuse to be part of this are killed or transferred to Idlib waiting for their turn in the new massacre

Stop this war cycle, and prevent the victims to be re-victimized into becoming killers.

Save Civilians,

The photo for the men of #Hamouria, being held under heavy military force after they went to Regime’s area through the corridors, 27 March 2018.