If You Were There , Suffocated to Death

If you were there, suffocated to death on that poor bathroom floor, would you have wanted us to publish your photo?
Would you have wanted us to look away from the image of your last hours of suffering and to remember you as a brother, father, mother, sister or a smiling child? There is no one answer to that question.
Since day one, we took a decision not to publish graphic and shocking content. We wanted you to get to know us alive and defining death. Not just victims.
As death take a big space in our details of the day, it’s such a difficult decision.
It’s been couple of hours and Syrians are circulating images of their people. Images showing suffocating as a result of a chemical attack on #Douma. Whole families have suffocated to death as they shelter in basements.
Sheltering from the aerial attacks.
In Douma you have to take your chances, if you stay overground you are killed by the attacks. If you shelter underground you suffocate from chemical weapons.
More than 75 people died in Douma today suffocating. More than 1000 people are showing symptoms.

We should’ve saved them
Act now, #SaveDouma