What does safety means for kids who live through the war? how their parents are trying their best to ensure they feel protected when they actually failing to protect themselves. We spoke to four parents, and collected what makes their kids feel a bit of safety while they were in basements in Eastern Ghouta hiding from bombardment. and by the help of the Syrian artist Dima Nachawi tried to illustrate these feelings.

Hopefully Syrian kids will find peace and love to heal.




” Whenever she hears the airstrikes, she take the first children book and run to us, maybe so she could hear our voices or to stay sitting my lap.
Once in The shelter i only have one story with me, the story of the “ugly duck” so i read it ten times, when the shelling became less intense, i hurried up and the first thing i brought down with me is other stories. ”



“Weeks would pass by, we live in the basements. and even in the times of less bombardment we find it really difficult to find toys or biscuits for Houzaifa because of the siege, Houzaifa kind of understood that sun means safety, so whenever i am going upstairs he would grab my leg wanting to go up just to see the sun”




“When She is afraid, she asks for food, and to sleep i always sing to her while i play with her hair and cheeks. ”




” First, we used to lie about the airstrike voice, sometimes claim that the neighbors are cutting woods or a strong wind but we knew later on that she recognize that this is a shelling and we stopped
When the airstrikes hits, she ran to me and i sing to her. She sleeps when she hears my voice. sometimes she sleeps even if she is not tired to avoid the fear and voices. “