Important Statement By The OPCW

A very IMPORTANT statement by the OPCW
Instead of working with the OPCW to support its investigation, the Syrian Arab Republic and
the Russian Federation have continued to create obstacles to delay its deployment to #Douma
and to wage a propaganda campaign against the OPCW

Obstruction, propaganda, and misinformation are attempts to undermine the multilateral framework. We call on the Russian Federation to cooperate fully with the OPCW, as it has
repeatedly claimed it is willing to do and as required by its international commitments. We also call on the #Russia Federation to exercise its responsibility to urge the Syrian Arabic to fully honour its commitments under the Convention.

The authenticity of the information gathered to date on the chemical attacks that occurred in Douma on 7 April 2018, through numerous testimonies, is unassailable. Medical NGOs have found traces of chemical agents on the victims