Rafat Abu Aiman

Our dear friend and HOS family member Rafat, telling parts of his story in Eastern Ghouta.

“Rafat is a young Syrian who lived in Eastern Ghuta (suburbs of Damascus), a witness directly affected in the conflict that has been tearing his country since 2011. Rafat has decided to tell what he saw, in particular his daily life in Eastern Ghuta under siege from 2016 till March 2018.

From the photos he has taken, they transpire two years lived running away from the bombings or running behind sheets to protect themselves from snipers. From these photos, however, transpires even two years looking for a surprising tranquility, two years in which life has passed, despite everything.

From April 28th to May 7th

Porto Burci, in Contrà Burci n ° 27, Vicenza