What Is Taking Place in Al-Ghouta

The deal between the armed groups and the Russians said that the Assad’s forces won’t be entering the city directly, but that wasn’t the case. Regime forces entered the area and established checkpoints inside the city, and then they entered houses and began searching them. During this process, regime forces were collecting information about all the people who stayed in the city to investigate whether these civilians had participated in any activities against the regime over the past few years inside #Ghouta.

There were some cases where regime forces stole people’s belongings, cars and other items or where they entered a house with such force that it would terrify the residents. However, the Russian military police are trying (for now) to control these acts and guarantee the safety of the people and their properties

The students of eastern Ghouta who studied under the Syrian interim government’s system are now facing the possibility of losing their credits and having to start their programs again from the beginning because the regime won’t transfer the credits. For example, a medical student might have to retake their middle school and high school exams.

Photo by: Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP