The Symbol of Douma and Akram Abo Alfoz

Akram Abo Alfoz wrote:
The symbol of Douma a (farmer’s hand breaching the surface of the earth holding high a bunch of grapes which #Douma is famous of)

The original artwork was sculpted by the Syrian artist Nash’at Ra’don in 1983, but in 2015 it was destroyed by the regime’s airstrikes

in 2017 I decided to recreate the artwork because of how attached to it people of #Ghouta feel, and because of what it represents, I started to do that with the help of some friends, this was my first work in carving I hadn’t done anything in this field of art before it took me three months to finish the project
I wish that I gave my city something that they can remember me with while I’m gone
Forgive us Douma
Artist: أكرم أبو الفوز