Maher, 26 years old ( Forced Displacement )

A testimony from Maher, 26 years old about forced
I’m Maher. I’m 26 years old from #Saqba, married with one baby girl.
I chose to leave Eastern #Ghouta to the North of Syria with my whole family after all the pain we went through in al Ghouta. I cannot trust the Regime to stay under its rule under any guarantee so I cannot stay nor go to Damascus. It is true that there are some people who adjusted their situation with al Assad Regime in some areas of Rif Dimashq and stayed in their towns but some of them were either arrested or exposed to unknown death or even taken to the military service in al Assad army. I cannot live under the Regime control by any way.
I could not leave alone and leave my family here after all these sufferings. I decided to bring my family wherever I am; I cannot leave them.
I do not have a real insight on what I will face, the only thing I know is I’m heading to the unknown. I do not trust any of the governments or organizations that claim of helping the IDPs or civilians. They did not work hard to leave us in our areas in our country or to stop all the crimes that happened against us. They only issued statements, condemned, denounced or sent limited poor aid. I will depend on kind people. I will look for a job that helps me feed my family and find a proper place for us.

Photo: A girl looks through a window next to a broken pane damaged by objects thrown during the forced displacement process from the town of Dumayr as her bus arrives in the city of #Azaz in the northern countryside of #Aleppo.
Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP