Taher: 22 years old ( Martyrs Day )

Witness: Fayez, 26 years old
Taher: 22 years old (Friends)

One of the air raids struck Manhal’s building, and Taher was in its entrance. One fragment in his head was enough to send him away from this world.
Taher remained in coma for 20 days. I used to visit him daily, morning and evening, hoping to see his eyes again.
Taher was martyred on 22/10/2015.
His name was the best expression of his character; he was clean, pure, kind and a symbol of innocence. Everyone who got to know him, became his close friend, because he was really the best one to keep secrets, and he did not disappoint anyone.
After the revolution started, he attended the Faculty of Agriculture in #Damascus University for few days. After that, he was arrested and kept in detention for 35 days.
He was very tender and kind-hearted. What I remember the most is the looks of his innocent eyes. I remember being with him, speaking to him, whenever I was in trouble. He used to listen to me and advise me. I was not used to tell my worries except to Taher. I miss him so much.
Taher was messy. We did not let him do anything when we came together with friends. If he wanted to make tea, he would break the cups or spill sugar on the ground, and ruin everything. When we played cards, we had to empty the table because Taher would spill the cola on it.
He had a strong will. He bought a camera and started learning. Indeed, he became a professional photographer. He wanted to shoot videos and make sketches, so he kept trying that. More than once, he took photos and then merge them together, and asked for our opinion. He had many ideas and used to improve them.
His only dream was for the war to finish then he would travel to complete his studies and be away from all people. He told me that he wanted to start from scratch, without getting help from anyone, so he wanted to travel and face life alone.
He liked silence. His mobile headphones were always in his ears, listening to songs. His favorite singer was Adele. Now, she became my favorite because whenever I listen to her I see Taher in front of me, listening with me, and I miss him more.
I miss him all the time, especially when I’m in trouble and cannot tell anyone. I miss him when I eat desert, because he liked it.
I need you so much Taher, especially in the circumstances we live in. I need to tell you about every moment I went through. I need you to find a solution to my problems, and to relieve me. I need to see your eyes that make me see the world more beautiful.
Whenever I meet your father, he tells me that I am from the smell of Taher. I wish I can compensate him a little for your absence. I want to tell you Taher that life after you is very sad. Whenever we stay up with our friends, we mention you and remember your funny things and laughs, and we feel sad because you are not here. I want to tell you that I took your broken eyeglasses, repaired them, and I keep them with me wherever I go.