Mohannad 36 years old ( Forced Displacement )

I have four children; 3 girls and 1 boy. I sell shoes on Douma Market.
They told us an evacuation agreement took place. The shelling stopped and the sounds rested so we went out to the sunlight. We saw what happened and asked on those who died of our relatives and acquaintances and who lived. Our short tour stopped; post-shelter tour. Now, you need to think, are we going to stay in our land under the rule of who killed us for seven years with all the military, civic and social weapons under the name of settlement and reconciliation. Is it true that the Regime will not stop or arrest anyone and will forgive everyone? Or we should leave the land that we spend our childhood in, grew up, got married, had children, loved our neighbors, were sad and happy. Shall we leave what we own? How can I take my wife and four children from a dark reality to an unknown one? Am I going to live in a camp? Am I going to wait for assistance and food baskets? Am I … Am I?
I got to the evacuation bus alone, looking to my four children and their mother who I promised to be a short trip and then I will bring them where I live. Maybe in one month, maybe one year, maybe I will never see them again. I left them a land and two apartments, they can sell what they want to live. I wished them to stay safe and said goodbye after I visited my parents’ grave, and then got the evacuation bus.
Mohannad from Douma. 36 years old
people evacuated from #Douma, inside a bus carrying evacuees upon arrival in Al-Bab district, #Aleppo#Syria,14 April 2018 AREF TAMMAWI