Hasan, 18 years old ( Forced Displacement )

I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters, all married. One of my sisters has only one child with paralysis; he cannot walk so I used to help her with him. When we heard about allowing patients to go to Damascus to receive treatment and they can take companions with them, we immediately told our sister to take her son and decided that the companions should be my sister and her husband as well as my father and his wife.
I stayed with my brothers under the shelling and panic. For me, I was exhausted and could no longer bear the bullets sounds. I wanted to leave that atmosphere so I decided to leave the area when the displacement process starts, even if it is a difficult option. I was really unable to bear the situation and did not want to be under the Regime control again after all the martyrs, injured people and siege we had.
I decided to leave and continue my study. However, until now, I could not find a job or continue my education because we are not settled yet. I miss the rest of my family. I miss my neighborhood and friends that I used to spend my time with. I have a new question now in mind “was it wrong that I left?” No, it was not wrong. If I stayed, I would for sure either be a soldier in the Regime army or be a fugitive running away from one place to another for fear of raids and detention. Leaving was the right decision. The most important thing now is to focus on my new life and do not look back to the past and its people.
Hasan, 18 year old single young man.