Mahmoud al Saour 27 years old ( Martyrs Day )

Mahmoud was on the way when hit by a shrapnel ten days before his martyrdom. It settled in his backbone.
It was impossible to conduct such surgeries in Al #Ghouta. Mahmoud was in a coma during those ten days and they were the most difficult days ever for me. Me and you were in the same area but I was unable to see you for two reasons; it was the cellars period and we were unable to move out and I was unable to see you in this condition. I eagerly stole your news from your family who spent that time trying to treat you.
Because of that injury, he became paralyzed, the thing I was unable to imagine. I saw him in the morning and he told me he would come back afternoon to drink tea with me, how could that happen?

The afternoon came but he did not. I spoke to him but he did not reply; he did not have Internet. I went to his shop, it was closed. In his house, no one was responding.
Each of those moves took place with attrition; ongoing shelling and no one to ask. He was not used to lie or break a promise.
The shelling calmed down a little bit and we started asking about Mahmoud. Then I knew from a person working in the medical point that Mahmoud was injured. I still had the hope to see him recovering; I did not know that he became paralyzed.
I still had hope. Doctors said they could not do anything but I still had hope.

Yes, I had hope to see him again going to his shop. I did not know then where I had that confidence from. Maybe it was fear more than confidence. I remembered how good he was with his family, how obedient, which made his moves smooth. I hoped that his credit would save him this time.
I was unable to accept his situation. It must change and something must happen. And truly something happened and he died.

Mahmoud was a tailor. Under the smothering siege and deprivation, I tailored a jacket for me in his shop.
I used to see the clothes photos on the Internet and bemoan. I wanted to buy from them. I took a photo of a jacket that I liked and sent to Mahmoud. I was so happy when he told me that he had the suitable fabric and he could make the jacket for me. I visited him and he took the measurements and said he would start after one week. After around one week, he called me and asked me to come to try the jacket.
The size was good and I liked the style. I did not ask for amendments. He only needed to put a small metal piece on the chest to be exactly like the photo but I did not wait, I took the jacket and went. I said to him I would come back. I warned him not to make the same model for another person. I do not like others to wear like me. Every time I passed by his shop, I used to enter and joke with him asking “hello master, do you have another jacket like this? Do you know how to make a similar one?”

And he used to say “I have never seen this jacket. It is made in a factory, I cannot sew such thing.”
I brought the jacket with me though summer is approaching and I know I will suffer on the way but I left many things to take it with me. It will be the souvenir that reminds me of you.
Just today I remembered you. It was rainy and I remembered how we used to sit in such weather in your shop and close the door, drink tea and spend the siege hours heavily with winter time. I remembered our laughing when I told you to teach us sewing and tailoring because maybe one day you may run away, travel, then we would be able to sew for ourselves without your favor.

You told me then that it was a talent and that I needed a lot to learn it. The joke became real and now your shop is closed.
If I want to say something, I will tell you that today I was wearing your jacket; thanks, your work is original.
Mahmoud helped people in his area of work. During the siege, it was difficult to see people buying new clothes. However, people tried to create a small space of joy through tailoring the Eid clothes using fabrics of other clothes.
Mahmoud used to witness many stories during that time. He helped people to cheer up. He used to make a sweater for someone in need, a scarf for a boy, anything he was able to do even a small accessary for free.
Poor people who you used to serve will miss you Mahmoud, the small boys whom you used to make happy during Eid too.
I have known you for 8 years and we passed through good and bad times. I will always remember the mutual cigarette we used to buy during the siege. I will keep counting the years and will never forget you.

I want to tell you that we left al Ghouta and I will not be able to pass by your shop or visit your grave.
We are fine now. We are trying to start a new life. I will try to continue my study. Take care of yourself.
Mahmoud was martyred ten days after his injury and now seriously no one will wear a jacket similar to mine

Martyr’s Name: Mahmoud al Saour 1991- 2018
Martyrdom Date: 23-3-2018
Martyr’s Friend: Bara’ 24 Years Old