Noha ,24 Years old – What They Wished to Happen

The current situation of Daraa is, to some extent, similar to that of #Ghouta in the recent campaign. So some of the people of Ghouta are sharing their thoughts of what they wished to happen, and showing solidarity with #Daraa

“In the basement, where we stayed for more than a month during the Regime last campaign, I wished all people around the world to hold sit-ins in front of the governmental buildings in their countries, to tell the whole world what was happening to us by carrying posters and banners speaking about our sufferings, or hanging them in public places, in restaurants and gardens, with sound effects like the sound of warplanes and missiles. Perhaps the conscience wakes up when they feel our suffering.

I wished there would be nights of solidarity with the besieged, in which participants were not allowed to close their eyes to share our suffering even one night.

I wished campaigns would be conducted at schools, to let school children know the truth of what was happening, that we were oppressed but patient people, and to teach them songs supporting us, and record these songs for us to hear their voices singing to us and threatening who oppressed us.

I wished strong films would be produced to reflect the sufferings and attract people, films that tell the world about us, and the reality we live in.”

Noha ,24 Years old , Saqba .