Raw’a, 35 Years Old – Daraa And Ghouta The Same Pain

While #Daraa is going through the same pain we once went through, People of Ghouta speak about that time and what it felt like back then, in the sense of giving Daraa their voice.

“During escalation, I stayed, together with my family and many others like us, around a month and a half in the basement. I used to pray that my family and friends who are inside al-Ghouta stay safe. I wished that my parents and friends who were outside Al-Ghouta would always pray for me, and ask about me, to know that I’m not forgotten.

As for the activists, politicians and media people, I could not ask them anything but to work with human conscience. The media activist should not be happy with the war, from which he can collect new news, and the photographer should not run to a bleeding child to take a photo instead of helping him. Daraa, I am too much like you… When I was in al-Ghouta I found no one to help me, and I had only to leave it to God.”
Raw’a, 35 years old, Zamalka.

Photo: Artwork, a painted demonstration representing the early beginnings of the Syrian revolution in Daraa, 2011.