Yusra, 40 Years Old – Daraa And Ghouta The Same Pain

“In the last campaign against Al-Ghouta, which was the most violent one, I wished all people outside al- #Ghouta to contact us and check on our situation. Although this was a very simple step, it meant a lot to us. I will never forget those who used to call me to ask about our situation, it drew smiles to our faces despite pain, sadness and misery.

Psychological support was very important to us. Their prayers empowered us and made us feel they had not forgotten those under bombing and dying a thousand times a day.”
Yusra, 40 years old, from #Hazeh

The people of #Daraa are now facing a very similar situation, and probably are at the moment having the same feelings.

Photo: People light candles at a solidarity event organised by Syrian Committee titled ‘Light for Syria’ to support ‘Take Action for Eastern Ghouta’ campaign/ Anadolu agency