Malak Khoubia the Martyr , 29 Years Old

Honoring Malak Khoubia, the inspiring woman whom was killed by the Russian airstrikes in eastern #Ghouta exactly one year ago.

“Malak, a civil engineer. She was killed by the Russian airstrikes in Erbin – eastern Ghouta on 25/7/2017. She was in her bright youth at the age of 29. She was in her house, the place where everyone should feel safe.

In her 29 years, she accomplished a lot. She put a lot of efforts to help rebuild her country and participate in changing her communityfor the better. She worked in the local council in her city and then she focused on empowering women, because she thought that is the first and most important thing to change in her community.

Malak (Angel in Arabic), you were a lot like your name. Your kind heart, your elegant attitude, and your even looked like an angel, highly confident, well educated. You had amazing ideas and were always special wherever you went, with your presence, ideas, and at the same time your niceness.

You were never afraid to point our right and wrong and fight the wrong at all costs.

You always dreamed of a free country. A country that had freedom of speech, freedom of thinking, and believes. A country that contains everyone and where everyone participate in building that country.

Sadly, the Russian warplanes were faster and stole your dreams and ambitious. It stole your dream of becoming a mother in a safe country. And it stole you from us, way too early.

You went to a great depth In the education and reading aspect and worked to use it to promote your skills. You worked a lot on your writing skills. Every time I talk about you I feel shy about my words in comparison to yours.

I still remember your beautiful smile, your optimistic face that used to give me a lot of hope that tomorrow will be prettier and that our cause will win eventually, that we will see Syria being built by our own, and our children hands. It will be built on the right principles, the fundamentals that we will lay out.

Our homeland hugged you into its soil and you didn’t leave or experience forced displacement that we had to.
But what it makes it more painful that the person responsible for your death, the person you resisted with your words and work for seven years, this person took our homelands, he occupied it, celebrated and danced while he kicked us out and we remained without a homeland or a country, But your rights won’t be forgotten and one day we will hold accountable those who were responsible
May your soul find peace, Malak. You took our hearts with you”
Laila Bakry