It all Started with Mahmoud

It all Started with Mahmoud.

Mahmoud, our Social Media manager, he runs the Facebook page. He used to live in Douma and was forcibly displaced to Northern country side of Aleppo.

He is our Nerd, and because he is the youngest in the team “he is 20 now”, we love to tease him by calling him “our miraculous kid”.

Although he is besieged since he was 15, he is studying computer science online, he learned English and had programming courses.

Through the intense shelling in the shelter, Mahmoud was studying for his exams, and helping the team choose the content for the campaign.

We were afraid for his safety, we were proud also. Proud of him and the other team members inside Ghouta.

To get over our fear, thinking of Mahmoud future was our defence mechanism.

Whenever the situation is too horrific to handle, we will start a conversation about the future outside the siege.

“One day when this nightmare is over, you will go to Harvard !”, we had a lot of fear, guilt, sadness and we tried to resist it by dreams.

We promised each other as a team, that one day when the siege is broken we will try our best to help youth like Mahmoud go back to higher education.

However, the siege is not completely broken, the youth who lived through siege, shelling, and chemical attacks, were forced to flee. We needed a while to celebrate their safety and to prepare ourselves.

We opened a questionnaire for forcibly displaced students, in less than a week one hundred student from Ghouta answered it and after one month now we have 205 replies.

This is how our #besiegeddreams campaign started, as a resistance mecanism against despair.

Join us. May we together make these dreams come true.