In the 5th anniversary of the Chemical Massacre the Regime tries to Conceal its Crime

“In conjunction with the 5th anniversary of the chemical massacre in the Eastern and Western Ghouta, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the regime forces their control over the Eastern Ghouta and the completion of sweep, looting, raids and the arrests; have been working on the chemical massacre file, where reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that regime’s authorities summoned tens of people who were present during and after the massacre, where they have summoned every person who documented, photographed, and participated in preparing the bodies and burying them, and all those who participated in the treatment of the injured ones, and they were investigated in detail by asking them about the full details of the massacre and its particulars, they even summoned those in charge of the cemeteries of Zamalka, Ein Tarma, and Arbin to tell them about the locations of the graves of the victims of the chemical weapons massacre in the capital Damascus.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that they monitored the regime enter the graves and start exhumations, to recover the remains and transfer them to other areas unknown so far, in a clear actions by the regime through which it intends to obliterate the traces of the heinous crime it had carried out”

But Many of the survivors are still there, forcibly displaced and they will keep the story alive

We won’t forget …

Photo by : Mohamad Saade,