Chemical Attack , 21 August 2013-Testimony of Safaa Kamel

In our town of Ein Tarma, death awakened us, coming with the air we breathe, with a breeze we inhale, a poison-filled air.
We opened our eyes on a loud noise in the streets, and a call from the mosques asking for help in providing paramedic aid and securing fuel for cars, due to its scarcity.
Many missiles launched by al Assad forces fell in different areas of Eastern Ghouta carrying the deadly Sarin gas.
This time, we have to keep the windows and doors sealed shut, to close the curtains and spray them with water, this time, we have to put clothes wet with water or vinegar on the mouths.
My two- month-old child, whose father was lost in al Assad’s detention centers, is in danger now. I tried to protect him, making use of the information that started to reach us on the preventive measures. I covered and surrounded his bed with wet cloth. My seven-year-old sister woke up terrified, unaware of what is going on, while my twelve –year- old sister hugged her, with the tears running down her cheeks.
My father and the neighborhood young men rushed to the hospital to help people by all means available, baby carriages, bicycles, motorcycles and trucks.
Everyone here is fighting death. Swollen eyes, foam from the mouth and blue skin, this is the appearance of those infected, and such symptoms began to appear on paramedics.
The men returned affected by the smell, having symptoms such as relaxant and weakness of the body, redness of the eyes and headache.
My mother, my sister and my little child suffered the same symptoms, but less severely. My father and I treated them with the needed medicine. The doctor asked us to wash all clothes and fabrics in the house. For me, the symptoms were only redness of the eyes, headache and dizziness.
The scene was horrifying; the bodies of children, women and elderly were put in rows, each carrying a number, and the numbers there exceeded dozens and hundreds.
Some of the young people set fire to the car tires in the alleys, which made it worse, and breathing became more difficult as the air was carrying many kinds of toxins. Their ignorance of the proper precautions made them look for solutions to stop the Sarin gas -filled air.
That night passed, as if it was years. TV News were conveying what the mind could not bear. Electricity was not available at all in al Ghouta as the Regime had cut it off, so we had to resort to a small generator in order to watch the News and know what was going on. We ran it for ten minutes, to see those images that the world turned a blind eye on, the images of hundreds of victims numbered and put in rows with no injuries or bleeding, died suffocated while asleep.
No UN resolution was issued against the chemical criminal killer Bashar al-Assad, despite the clear evidence, as broadcasting was live, and the witnesses were hundreds of thousands, as the chemical attacks targeted several towns of Eastern Ghouta.
And now, after years of the 2013 chemical attack, the chemical attack of 2018, the crazy campaign that targeted Eastern Ghouta, and the forced displacement that we experienced in many towns and provinces in Syria, it seems so clear to me that the United Nations is completely stripped of humanity.

Testimony of Safaa Kamel

Photo by: Sameer Al-Doumy