Their Dreams

After all the suffering under siege they still have the passion to study. Few words from each telling us about their dreams.


– Ammar Bouidani:
Architecture is a dream I have had since I was a child. Architectural monuments have always drawn my attention. I was very sad that cities in my country Syria, the land of civilizations, became random concrete forests, with no soul, no architectural identity, no artistic taste that denotes this country’s history and civilization and no modern structures that keep up with the architectural progress. And because the cruel war has destroyed the cities of my dear country Syria, I promised myself to become an architect desiring to rebuild my destroyed country, hoping that, one day, I may be able to restore its architectural glamour.


– Layla Bakri:
My competency was plant protection and I was the second top on my class with only one year left to graduate. My dream was to take the master degree. However, because of the siege, I was unable to finish that year. Now, I seek to achieve my dream of graduation and when we come back to Syria, we want to plant it again. In the future, I dream of establishing an environment-friendly insecticides company to get the best products without harming the environment.


– Hasan Tbajo:
I chose the mechanical design engineering due to my desire to access the industry and industrial development field. My first motivation is my love to drawing and details inside each machine. My goal was to have a big factory where I can provide big industrial works in Syria. Now, that motivation has improved since it is linked to my life partner, my fiancé who studies a civic engineering. I thought I can establish a successful business and life partnership with her.


– Safa’a Kamil:
I decided to enter the faculty of economics, accounting department, because the world of economics and money is broad and open and I can work on studying private projects through it. Moreover, the management science is a modern science that is beneficial in building your character and gaining the planning skills. I studied this science for four years then my academic life stopped during the years of siege.


– Mahmoud al Marhoum:
For the IT and why I selected it, it was my ambition since I was 15 years old. I started with computer maintenance courses and I loved it so much. And after a while, my expertise in computers and their software became even bigger. When I became in the baccalaureate stage, my educational level was excellent, and I saw that the top competency in computer sciences is IT engineering and its future is very broad so I put it in my mind and worked on it with increased passion.


– Nada Haroun:
Through psychology study, I hope I become more understanding and accepting to the people around me. I want to help people accept each other, treat children’s and adults’ disturbances caused by war and help them adapt to the new reality.


– Ayman Bergleh:
I selected this department because, and this is my personal trait, I love challenge and feel excited when I control things and understand the details.
When I was in Ghouta, I studied in the Electron Institute and realized that there is creativity space in this field. Since then, I decided to select this specialty when I get the chance one day to pursue my education.


Rahaf Arbash:
I love accounting and business management because I feel there is a sort of leadership and it needs intelligence to deal with people since you need to be within a team and you need to deal with the always- regenerated data that may not be in your team’s calculations. My ambition is to graduate and have a job through which I can depend on myself and be independent.


Asma’a Talib:
I chose studying law which was my dream since the start of my secondary stage, because I cannot see the wrong doing and keep silent and I cannot ignore injustice.
In Syria, there is injustice and many forcibly disappeared persons before 2011, and during the years of Revolution, things got even worse. Our country Syria needs a generation of youth that is able to achieve justice. I hope I can help in this one day and see Syria as the country of justice, democracy and freedoms.


Zakaria al Refa’i
Medicine is my goal and childhood dream. My passion increased when I grew up and realized the real value of such competency; a doctor is the person who understands the patient’s pain and works for hours in the operations room then gets out smiling because he is the reason of a human being’s survival. I saw many people losing their life during the siege due to the lack of medical staff and capacities. Tomorrow, when the war ends, many people will be waiting for doctors to bandage their wounds.