Our amazing graphic designer Ammar Bouidani, wrote about his dream of becoming an architect.

“This is the first project that i tried to work on. when i was younger i drew a lot of drownings and projects.
In the siege, i tried to study architectural principles by myself. Before the intensive military campaign, i had some courage to try to learn on the engineering programs. On the internet, i found Tokyo Olympics stadium where the Olympics will be in 2020.
So i had this idea to try to design a stadium, for Damascus to be in Ghouta. this is the first draft that is not yet finalized and the bombardment started and i stopped working on the project.

I have hope, that one day, Syria will held an international sport event and i will be the one who designed the buildings.

I have faith, that we will be back one day and we will rebuild it.

Inside me there is this huge power of hope, that no matter how much the Assad will destroy Syria, we will go back and rebuild it. and i will have my touch.

the more he destroyed it, i hold more into that hope”