Siege – Infographic

Early 2012: The regime began restricting the movement of civilians, confiscating food and arbitrarily depriving civilians from electricity and water.

Under Siege: The Plight of East Ghouta – SAMS

Source: SAMS – Syrian American Medical Society “Many patients are simply awaiting their death at home,” said SAMS doctor in East Ghouta. Nearly 400,000 civilians living in besieged East Ghouta are facing...

Liberated T: Interview with Bayan Rehan

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Om Sameeh… When “Lemons Write in Jaffa”

Osama Nassar – Rising For Freedom (RFM) Our Suzuki pickup could barely find its way through the rubble in an area pockmarked with the shells that landed on Jobar, the area in Ghouta nearest to Damascus...

Mohammed, 12 years

Twelve-year-old Mohammed sells biscuits on the streets of Douma.

He has been living under siege for the past two years.
This photo was taken on February 28, 2015
Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Syria

Mohammed, 5 years

“I hate planes…Two years ago I was injured in the head when our neighborhood was bombed. Until now I panic each time I hear the sound of the plane” He continues explaining the painting:...


Electricity – Infographic

The electricity was cut off by the regime even before the siege. To do laundry you need to book time with those responsible for the electricity generators.


What is a shelter?

Since the beginning of 2018, people in Eastern Ghouta are living underground most of the time due to the heavy shelling of the Russian and Syrian regime, but what is a shelter? Shelters are unsupported industrial...

Anatomy of a Russian Chemical Weapons Lab Lie

By Adam Rawnsley If Moscow wants its Syrian allies to skirt the blame for chemical attacks, they’re going to have to come up with some better evidence than a few beakers and boilers in a dingy basement.Russia and Syria...

Syrian students explore college education online

Asaad Hanna  As parts of Syria remain besieged and others are inaccessible, students unable to make it to colleges are finding virtual universities a practical alternative. Syria and the lives of its people have changed...

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