Freedom by Firas Abdullah, March 31, 2016

Ten Ways to Help the People of Eastern Ghouta

  1. Stay informed. The first step to support the people in East Ghouta is to know what’s happening there. To help you get started, we have complied lists of reports, statements, and articles. Read and share.
  2. Speak out. Call, email or visit your elected local and national representatives. Show them that you care about the civilians besieged in Eastern Ghouta. Feel free to use the talking points prepared by SAMS [PDF].
  3. Amplify the voices of the besieged. Hold awareness sessions, spread posters, screen films in your community or university, and open a space for online participation from East Ghouta (Email us at if you need contacts inside Eastern Ghouta). We have also made a set of infographics to help you raise awareness about Eastern Ghouta.
  4. Bring East Ghouta to the headlines. Write an op-ed in your local and national newspapers. Ask your media to cover East Ghouta and listen to the besieged people. Feel free to use this op-ed template published by SAMS [PDF].
  5. Get on the streets. Organize a protest or candlelight vigil in support of Eastern Ghouta – you can find a list of protests organized for Ghouta on this page. Feel free to use the infographics or take print-outs of the artwork on this page. Let us know if you organize a protest and share the pictures with us – the people in Eastern Ghouta will be empowered by your support.
  6. Use social media. Get engaged on social media; let your friends and followers know that you care about the civilians in Eastern Ghouta. Share content on Syria by Syrians – we are publishing stories from Eastern Ghouta on our Facebook page. Join the Twitter campaign to pressure politicians around the world to act for Ghouta by using the hashtag #SaveGhouta.
  7. Send solidarity messages. Show our friends and families in Eastern Ghouta that you are standing with them and that their voices are being heard worldwide. Send them solidarity messages on social media – record a video in front of a landmark in your hometown and share it with them. If you are an artist, dedicate your work to the besieged people in Eastern Ghouta.
  8. Donate your time and skills. We need your talents; this website is created by a group of activists inside and outside Easter Ghouta. We need more help in translation, design, video editing and research; if you are interested please email us: 
  9. Pray. No matter your faith come together and pray for the besieged children and people.
  10. Be creative. Think of other ways to help and let us know!

More ways to help:

Here are more ways to help and some other campaigns for Eastern Ghouta which you can also engage in:

  1. Amnesty International: Stop the bombing of people in Eastern Ghouta Syria
  2. What can we do about Ghouta? A starter guide.
  3. Set an auto-reply in your email: Not out of office, but have something urgent to say